Boris M Petrikovsky is a Professor,Moscow University School of Medicine and Dentistry,Moscow Russia

Boris M Petrikovsky


Organizing Committee

Moscow Russia

Moscow University School of Medicine and Dentistry


  • Fetal behavior and development

  • Nitric oxide synthase in human placenta

  • Endothelin receptors in compromised placentas

  • Development of Fetal Pacemaker

  • Fetal Stem Cells

  • Prenatal diagnosis

  • HIV, maternal-fetal transmission


Recognition Award of Brooklyn Gynecological Society.

Society Award of American Association of Gynecological Laparoscopists.

Maimonides Research Prize Paper.

Award of Obstetrical Society of Boston for Research Paper.

Honorable Mention of Obstetrical Society of Boston for Research paper.

Howard Levine, M.D. Science Award.

Editor of Digest Series Award for Outstanding Paper in Perinatology.

Bristol-Myers Squibb/Mead Johnson Traveling Fellowship.

Biographical Honors Award, Cambridge, UK.


Rolex Award - Spirit of Enterprise.

Award of Italian Society of Perinatal Medicine.


New York Perinatal Society Research Award.

CREOG Award for Excellence in Teaching.


Scientific Poster Award. American College of Surgeons. Owen H Wangensteen Scientific Forum

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