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Doctor rachidi karim zakaria a rabat maroc primary and secondary school in casablanca medical studies at faculties of medicine of casablanca theoretical. ​Practical training at the level of the different departments of medicine pediatrics gynecology. Surgery operational as intern deuips the third year of medicine  course of social preventive medicine. Psychiatry studies of specialty of gynecology and obstetrics at the maternity university the orange of flap operational since the last month of training in form of residential guard trainer of the internal students. Midwives including all the obstetric pathology medical surgical whose ultrasound  obstetrical counseling and human reproduction medical. Surgical gynecology cursus of surgical canceroligia al national institute of flap oncology whose acts performed surgery of uterine cervix uterus. Vulva plus as a helper  for thyroid colon cancer of osteosarcomas in plys of documentation as such publication krukenberg tumor breast sarcoma borderline tumor pseudo-tumor form of tuberculosis severe preeclampsia about 108 cases conservative treatment coigulatin intravascular disseminated about 20 cases pregnancy extra uterine surgical treatment versus methotrexate a plum syndrome belly doctor chief as surgeon gynecologist obstetrician performing 400 surgical procedures including 40 percent obstetrical and 60 percent gynecological surgery including 30 percent surgery breast cancer 10pourcent oncological surgery uterus ovary cervix.Vulva the rest surgery  vaginal with cure urinary incontinence classic hysterectomy classic fibroid surgery laparoscopy gynecological hysteroscopy diagnosis. He operative procreation medically assist gynecological consultations vary between 2000 to 2500 per year without put providers on the ultrasound obstetric gynecology.

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